Monday, July 27, 2009

Time flies!

The last time I was here must have been Easter because our background was Easter Eggs! Now here we are in late July &
summer is quickly coming to a close.
So much has happened that it is hard to remember it all but we have had a lot of fun!
What is more exciting is that as we approach August we have two big celebrations coming ahead! On August 21st we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary! Wow... 5 years! In some respects it feels like time has FLOWN. In the span of 5 years we have managed to plan a wedding & a cross-country move, get our first apartment, then our first house, sell that
& move in with a handful of friends (and bring Savannah home to three boy roommates for her first 2 weeks of life), build our 2nd home and move the family in and then hav
e our second daughter.
To be honest it only just now feels like things are slowing down!
In the middle of it all we have always had lots of fun & laughs.... and taken time to reflect. We are often exhausted & missing time with each other but not a day goes by that we don't fall in love with our children in some new way & we love each other more than ever before. Our girls have changed our lives in so many ways, not all of those ways are easy! But we have not gone one night without going into each of their rooms before we lay down to sleep so that we can stare at them, kiss them, & be amazed at their preciousness & beauty. We know it sounds corny but it's so true!
Equally as exciting is that on the same day, August 21st, we will celebrate Adelyn's 1st birthday!!! We are all looking forward to this day but me especially because I think it's such a
great milestone & celebration of not only the child but parents surviving the adjustments and stages of change that a baby can bring. That being said, Adelyn is PURE JOY! Yes, we had experience from Savannah so we were more confident & relaxed but on top of that Adelyn has been a terrific, sweet, great baby. She has been walking for over a month now & communicates so well. Her big sis adores her and the two of them together can be quite a show.
I am sure they will keep us entertained for years to come, God willing.


  1. sounds like you guys are enjoying every aspect of life, which is great. time goes by so fast that it's sometimes not fair. enjoy everyday of your life and thank god for the love you both share. god bless.

    uncle T

  2. Hello Rachel what a pleasant surprise. When we first met at BOA you and TJ were planning a wedding and about to move. I am back in Texas and will begin commuting to Austin August 22, 2009 for a doctoral program. If memory serves me correctly TJ is in the ministry. How are things going in SA? It is a blessing to have 2 wonderful, healthy babies. They seem to keep you al lbusy and bring joy to every day. Thanks for including me on this blog. Matthew and I will celebrate 10 years in September and we are still trying to have child(ren). Please keep us in your prayers. While in Austin, maybe we can get together. Take care and God bless.

  3. Like we talked about earlier, I love the 1st birthday as much as you! I'm already thinking of ideas for Raegan's.
    Sounds like they are a lot of fun and gel well together, which is great! Thanks for the update!

  4. It has been neat to watch your family grow! I'm glad to see the update! Bring the girls by to say hi soon.

  5. Thanks for the update. Time flys with the kids so keep taking lots of pictures! The kids are adorable and I am glad to hear that you and TJ are doing well.

  6. Hi Rachel & Teeej - Thanks for keeping us in your loop. The Lord has truly blessed you and your girls. Time does go quickly and before you know it - you have an empty nest! (well, at least some do) Take care - enjoy life - forgive often and LOVE A LOT....lvjulaine&ed