Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ode to Our Second-Born

"There once was a girl named Adel... who was crazy & loved to skedaddle..."
Hence the nick-name we have given Adelyn - "Adel Skedaddle".
 This name is very fitting for our little go-getter. Maybe it is no surprise to some of you th a child this age is moving about - but in our experience (at least from when Savannah was a baby) Adelyn is CRAZY all over the place these days!

It is quite adorable when she spots a 'no-no' item, such as the DVD player, or the plugs BEHIND the TV - she makes a hilarious giddy grunt noise and darts for her target. She has managed to army crawl her way into all of the dangerous areas & has recently started to attempt pulling herself up. And it did NOT take long for her to figure this one out either! On March 11th, about 10 days before her 7th full month she started pulling herself up onto a toy of ours... (March 21st, her 7th monthiversary she creeped across the floor to our family dog.) Now, just yesterday when I went to check on her when she was SUPPOSED to be sleeping, she was standing up at the side of her crib. Craziness! So tonight when we were putting her to bed she could not stop practicing this new skill. We are frustrated at her struggles to stay asleep but it's adorable to see this little 7.5 month old making these leaps with her physical strength!

We thought Savannah was 'busy' & 'active' - I cannot imagine what we're in for with Adelyn!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Disney Trip 2009!!!

On March 15th we left WAY too early in the morning for Florida - it was a trip we had been anticipating for over a year. My dad took myself & my siblings ten years ago & he wanted to gather us for a 'Disney Reunion' of sorts. After saving & planning for such a long time we were all VERY excited when the week arrived.
So off we went at 5:30am with our girls on an airplane headed for Orlando. After a LONG day of travel, we arrived at our vacation house around 2pm. Not long after my dad arrived with his caravan - my sister Sara & her family, my brother Bobby & his girlfriend with her daughter, and my lil sis Mary too. Mary's boyfriend Zack would be joining us on Tuesday so all together we made a group of 14! The house was so awesome, though, that it never felt crammed. (If anyone is planning a trip to Florida I would highly recommend the vacation homes we used - it was awesome!)

Day 1 - Epcot, when we saw the main Disney friends... Savannah was beside herself with excitement - she waited in line with me for 45 minutes & didn't mention a single complaint... since this was our first day on the trip I was not sure what the week would hold in terms of a 3 year old - no naps, and late nights - but she was AMAZING. She stood in numerous hour-long lines with us through the week and was nothing but patient, excited & sweet. She'd play games & sing songs, or just lay her head down... Disney IS Magical!

Day 2 - Animal Kingdom: We kept this day short, and my dad kept Adelyn home so that we could take Savannah around with ease... We watched Lion King Live and boy, what an awesome show! It was great to expose Savannah to 'live performance' for the first time. She absolutely LOVED it. Then we went on a Safari ride & Savannah was tickled because the tour host kept saying "Savannah" since we were in the "Savannah."

Day 3 - Hollywood Studios: By far, Savannah's favorite part was the "Fantasia
Hat" as she called it. This park was great because it had lots of "Pre-School" friendly characters & attractions. Savannah met a boy in line for "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" & started holding his hand and flirting with him. It was hilarous. We went back in the evening with Savannah to see "Fantasmic" - a fantastic show! She loved it and was OUT by the time we got to the car.

Day 4 - Magic Kingdom! Another day that Dad kept Adelyn back at the house for swimming, bottles & naps - so it was a "magical' day with Savannah! She was so adorable. At her most tired & most overwhelmed she behaved beautifully, and even awed us with her 3 year old innocence & amazement. We went to Belle's story time & they picked TJ to be the Beast. Savannah LOVED that! Then we went to the "Bibbity, Boppity, Boutique!" for a little Mom- Daughter bonding. I was completely thrown off when she was SCARED out of her mind & did NOT want to do it. She sat in my lap & very timidly let the "Fairy God Mothers" do her hair & make-up. She would not close her eyes for the eye-shadow because she was too scared! But she go the rest. Once I was in the 'hot seat' she was all giggles & smiles and we loved being primped up together. We pushed her through to the closing once again and it was worth it! Disney has the most awesome fire-works show. As we moved slowly but surely as a sea of people back to the parking lot Savannah sighed & said "I'm so thankful...." in her most tired state since she was born. It was priceless & it sure made TJ & I so proud.

We used Friday to stay at the house & rest & pack up for the Saturday trip back home. Needless to say it was the trip of Savannah's life-time. We had our concerns and reservations about taking such a little one on such a big trip but she showed us that she is more than capable.... Coming home and adjusting back to 'normal' routine was a bit of a challenge - no more skipping naps & special eats all the time!!! The first thing she did when we got home was ask to play "Bibbity Bobbity Boutique" - she got her Belle dress on & pretended to be the "Belle" character as she waited for us to be in awe & amazement. We have had memories to last a life-time!