Saturday, February 21, 2009

Savannah's Paradise

Well for the Winters Family it has been a busy few months... As we anticipated Adelyn's birth back in August of 2008 we prepared her nursery with much excitement and love. We made sure to involve her loving 'Big Sister' in our efforts to make her feel a part of this special event. So as Savannah was nearing her 3rd birthday (Jan. 31) we started to feel that we should pour that same love & excitement into HER room, allowing her some creative input. She & her dad have a special bond with the Steven Curtis Chapman song "Cinderella" and while she has never seen the movie we decided to put the castle on her wall. 

For what seemed like forever she kept reminding Daddy about how they needed to work on the castle. I decided that maybe there would be a creative way to turn this concept into something more fitting with our family values, and something that as she grows into a young lady would have a more meaningful influence on her. So I sat TJ down one night & shared with him my idea to go ahead and put a castle on her wall, but to set the scene as 'The Heavenly Skies' instead of "Happily Ever After." We would place the castle in the clouds and put a Scripture Passage next to it, "In My Father's house are many rooms"...."I am going there to prepare a place for you....." John 14:1-3. We would tell her that this is her Princess Castle in Heaven because Jesus is the King of all Kings & that His Kingdom is in heaven. 

So finally, after months and months of putting it off, we set the plan in motion! (We found a wall decal for $35!) It feels like it has been going on forever! But we have finally finished & it is so exciting to go in there. She kept asking me if she could have a "Sun" as well - or as she calls it "Mr. Sun"... So I painted her light fixture yellow & put rays on the ceiling.