Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winters in Winter :)

A little funny snippet from our day....
When: Wednesday morning
Where: On our way to the store, in the car
Scene: Adelyn and Savannah are in the back, looking at books, mumbling to themselves as little girls do

Savannah (almost 4): Mommy, what does "Winters" mean?
Mommy: Well, that is our last name.... We are the Winters Family... it's daddy's side of the family
Savannah: Huh? (perplexed)
Mommy: Well, before we were married, when it was just me,  my name was Rachel Rosegrant. Like Aunt Mary, or Papa Bob... but I married your dad and I took his last name, cuz we're a team and a family.
Savannah: Oh... when I grow up and it's just me, I'm going to be Savannah....(pause, thinking)
Mommy: You'll still be Winters, like you are now :)
Savannah: OOHHH..... MOMMY! I am NOT a Winters! I DO NOT live in the clouds, I DO NOT live in the SUN! (repeated many times)
Mommy: I know sweetie, our name sounds like a season, doesn't it? But we're not the season!
Savannah: ((Giggles)) Yeah.....