Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Oh what a night!" Family Fun

Well it's getting closer & closer to August 21st & I have been completely absorbed with planning Adelyn's 1st birthday party! I told myself that having her on our wedding anniversary would be fine, but I admit I have been way more caught up on her birthday than our anniversary! So as I sit here & try to think of something special for us to do to celebrate our 5 years of marriage, I keep getting flooded with all the memories we have made over the last 10 years of our lives together.

With two small children & limited funds we won't be celebrating the way we always sort of 'dreamed' (wouldn't it be great to have a little getaway just the two of us?)... but it has been equally special to think of all the awesomene
ss of who my husband is & has been as I have watched him become a husband, home-owner, father & leader of our family.

In honor of TJ, I'll give you a peak into the private life of this ROCK STAR DAD who is the best daddy I could ask for my ch
ildren to have. Many of you young parents probably know that the days of dad coming home and drinking his beer in front of the tube are over - at least in our house! So that means there's always a 'lull'
after dinner and before bed when we look at each other & say... hmmm... what can we do to pass the time until bed and adult time?!
Now that Savannah is the big 3.5, she is good at making the suggestions, and on this night, she set up a stage on our front window area blankets, chairs & all - and demanded that WE perform... not her, us! I took my turn as quick as I could and jumped off. But TJ was using this as his opportunity to unleash the secret rock-star - - just imagine.. he had a captured adoring audience ooh-ing and ahh-ing. He was in "teen idol" heaven!

TJ - you are an awesome husband and that is due in part to the way you love our children! Happy 5th Anniversary! (August 21)

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  1. I always knew TJ was meant to be a rock star! First the MTV music video and now this?!?!? Unleash your inner rock star!

    Happy 5th, you guys!