Thursday, May 6, 2010

Are we getting OLD?!

On April 28th TJ celebrated his 30th Birthday! We both happen to be the ‘youngest’ of our friends, co-workers, etc. but now that is starting to become meaningless…. it feels like we’re ‘catching up.’ (Thankfully I have two more years until mine, phew!) 

It was not until I started making surprise plans for him and shopping in the “30th Birthday” section at Party City that I realized, wow…. TJ is leaving me behind in the 20’s and turning the big 3-0! Scary!! 

I secretly went to his office (he thought I was at Target, where I tend to take LONG time :) to decorate a bit and set out some treats for his co-workers so they’d have a reason to drop by and wish him a happy day. It turned out that several co-workers snuck into his office before he came in and when he opened the door they yelled, “Surprise!” For a few moments he thought they had done all of the preparations! Oh well, it didn’t matter. I just wanted him to feel extra loved and happy that day.

That evening I arranged for our closest friends to surprise him by arriving early to the restaurant of his choice, HuHot (amazing Mongolian BBQ) and they had set out some decorations and I brought some cake. We almost pulled it off, but to my disappointment he saw their cars in the lot :( Oh well, I just wanted him to be surrounded by people he holds close to his heart on his special day!

And as one last, very special treat, TJ’s Dad & Stepmom (Bob & Cindy) flew in for the weekend to spend some quality time with TJ (and the grandkids, of course!) I think the ‘icing on the cake’ was their gift to him, and well, all of us, really. The Wii and Wii Fit and all the fabulous accessories that one of those machines requires! And if you know TJ well, this is the PERFECT gift to make him feel like a ‘kid’ again. And why not, after all, he did just turn 3-0!!
Savannah playing Wii

Grandma Cindy & Adelyn - Playdoh!
Fun day at Sea World!