Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ode to Our Second-Born

"There once was a girl named Adel... who was crazy & loved to skedaddle..."
Hence the nick-name we have given Adelyn - "Adel Skedaddle".
 This name is very fitting for our little go-getter. Maybe it is no surprise to some of you th a child this age is moving about - but in our experience (at least from when Savannah was a baby) Adelyn is CRAZY all over the place these days!

It is quite adorable when she spots a 'no-no' item, such as the DVD player, or the plugs BEHIND the TV - she makes a hilarious giddy grunt noise and darts for her target. She has managed to army crawl her way into all of the dangerous areas & has recently started to attempt pulling herself up. And it did NOT take long for her to figure this one out either! On March 11th, about 10 days before her 7th full month she started pulling herself up onto a toy of ours... (March 21st, her 7th monthiversary she creeped across the floor to our family dog.) Now, just yesterday when I went to check on her when she was SUPPOSED to be sleeping, she was standing up at the side of her crib. Craziness! So tonight when we were putting her to bed she could not stop practicing this new skill. We are frustrated at her struggles to stay asleep but it's adorable to see this little 7.5 month old making these leaps with her physical strength!

We thought Savannah was 'busy' & 'active' - I cannot imagine what we're in for with Adelyn!



  1. Sounds like it's time to lower the mattress in the crib! Having had two boys about the same ages apart, the second one moves sooner trying to keep up with big sister/brother. In our case, this also led to Mark, the fair skinned one, constantly having bruises in his efforts to keep up with big brother Christian. There were times I would have been afraid to take him to the doctor. Adelyn is a cutey!

  2. She's ready to run!!! Cute pics!!

  3. She will be running with Savannah before you know it! She is just adorable!