Sunday, May 8, 2011

Catching Up!

It has been a long time since we’ve last posted!

There is too much that happened in the last year to cover it all…. but we will try to bring you up to speed on the the family without getting to long!

Adelyn is nearly 3 years old, she’ll have a birthday on August 21st…. (also the day that TJ and I will celebrate 7 years of marriage!) She has grown so much physically, emotionally and intellectually. She has been such a ray of sunshine for my days. She is a joy to have at home, but a few days a week she goes to Concordia to ‘socialize’ with other kiddos her age. Her best buddies are Leah and Jayla… She just loves her big sister and misses her when she’s gone, but she does not allow Big Sis to run her over…. she stands up for herself when necessary and has made an art form of fake-whining and tattling when things go awry. She has also been taking “Mommy & Me” Gymnastics classes and she has got some great skills! She does balance beam really well and she loves the bars and the trampoline. 

Savannah turned 5 back in January and has nearly completed her first year of school - Pre*K! She has developed a love for singing around the house and she, too, takes gymnastics. Savannah, when she chooses, can be an awesome big sister and she has a very loving and forgiving heart. We have our rough days - she is fighting naps like the plague and this very obviously affects her disposition, so that has been a challenge. She loves school (so far) and she has a real love for animals. This is a picture of her preparing for “Pirate Day” at school. Arghhh!

And most of you know, we are expecting Baby #3! As far as we can tell, we’re due on or around October 13th. Savannah named him/her “Baby Boppa” until we know the sex - then we’ll get cracking on names! Savannah is praying almost daily for a brother. I think Adelyn prefers a girl, but she’s indifferent… 

TJ and I continue to work for the church - he has come under a new title, “Director of Worship Ministries” but for a very long time we have been without a contemporary worship leader, he has been responsible for leading (musically) services and that is a rather demanding part of his role these days. I continue to do clerical work in order to contribute to the ‘bottom line.’ It’s a real blessing to work from home, but it comes with it’s own challenges. This is TJ’s 31st Birthday.

Staying home has been the best decision I’ve made for going with my gut for my role in life, but it is rather isolating and times since these days not many women choose to stay at home. In order to expand my world a bit and build some new relationships and support I joined MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) back in September and it has been a great blessing. I’ve signed on to a leadership role for the next season because I was so inspired by the leaders of my group that I just really wanted to take part and give more to the organization and to fellow moms. With Baby #3 coming, I’ll be serving as “Prayer and Care” assistant to my friend Nicole, who is a beautiful Christian woman. We’ll lead the prayer at meetings and share the devotional Bible verses as well as organize the Care Calendar for women who’ve had babies or surgeries, or any event that would require a bit of meal assistance for their family. I’m really excited!! 


  1. Hey Rachel,
    Congratulations on baby #3. You do not know me, but Nicole does and I found your blog through hers:-)
    You and TJ do a great job at church. We have really enjoyed the worship ministry--the past and the present and know how much time and dedication and practice goes into it. It is a huge blessing. Thank you both for your service.
    Really I wanted to comment to say congratulations-even though I am a complete stranger to you:-)
    In Christ, Sandy

  2. Thank you, Sandy - you are so sweet! I appreciate it. Blessings to you!!