Friday, February 26, 2010

Show Me Those Pearlie Whites!

Last Wednesday (after stalling for, well, four years!) I embarked on our first visit to the DENTIST! And let me tell you, the Pediatric Dentist is AMAZING! ~ but you wouldn't think so by Savannah's reaction! (Thankfully she was not screaming and crying, but definitely apprehensive and opposed to the entire visit and we had to reschedule a week later!) Adelyn bought all of the tricks, and she did GREAT! (Even got a polish-job and some fluoride!)

You walk into the dentist office, which is cleverly named "Little Teeth of Texas" and it's a Cowboy Wonderland! Video games, plush horsies, bead toys, books, and it goes on! All I remember having in the dentist waiting area was an expired edition of "HighLights" magazine (remember that magazine?)

It didn't stop there, because they have every possible clever tool for kids that you could imagine! You know how adult dentist offices give you 'construction glasses' to cover your eyes from the bright light? Well at "Little Teeth of Texas" you get to pick out a cool decorate pair, and of course Savannah wore "Cinderella." You can sit on a 'horse saddle' to get your blood pressure taken.

The XRAY room is painted dark blue with stars all over, to stress the importance of taking care of your teeth so they "Shine Like STARS"!! (That was the hardest part for Savannah to get through, though she did it and was VERY brave).

Once we got to the 'cleaning chair' which had a television hanging over it, Savannah had me pick bubble-gum flavored tooth paste, and Apple flavored gloves for the hygienist. 
She did so awesome getting them cleaned! Finally Dr. Gerling checked for plaque and announced NO CAVITIES! YEAH! Savannah has become slightly obsessed with brushing flossing, and keeping away the 'sugar bugs.' That's my girl, the rule-follower :) Let's see if we can keep it up for the next 6 months! Thanks to Little Teeth of Texas, I think she'll be excited to go back!

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  1. I don't think there was such a thing as a Pediatric Dentist when my kids were little! How fun. I wonder if I can be Shawna's patient!

    by the way....You have my old blog on your favorites list. New one:

    I hope everyone is all better!